Top Swiss health commission call for ‘legalisation’ of cannabis

There are around 200,000 regular users of cannabis in Switzerland according to government estimates. On 29th of April the National Commission for Addiction issues a government advisory commission released the Cannabis Update 2019 where the commission makes it clear Prohibition has failed and has called for the Swiss government to decriminalise the drug.

A spoke person for the National Commission for Addiction issues said

“Cannabis use in Switzerland had not changed significantly in the past ten years. Despite its popularity, the percentage of problematic users is low,

The risks of cannabis are mainly linked to high amounts of THC, early use among teenagers, prolonged use, mixing cannabis and tobacco, and if it is used by people with existing mental problems.”

The guidelines laid out in the Report state

The Narcotics Act be adapted so that:

  • cannabis use is no longer punished;
  • a regulated cannabis market can develop in Switzerland, with controls in terms of concentration of ingredients, production, distribution and sale of products;
  • risk and damage reduction measures can be applied.

You can read the full report here

Cannabis can be legally purchased in Switzerland as long as the THC content is below 1% and swiss laws regarding high strength cannabis can be confusing at the best of times.
In the current law possession of 10 grams goes unpunished while users caught smoking the drug get fined.

In the last few years cannabis legislation has been gathering a lot of momentum on the continent as countries such as Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and Poland have launched medical cannabis programs. Switzerland is not part of the European Union but is a member of the single market which guarantees Switzerland the free movement of goods into Europe.


Switzerland has a long history in the Pharmaceutical Industry will we see Switzerland exporting medical cannabis in to the European Union any time soon? It’s now in the hands of the swiss government to decide.

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