Italian Minister Declares war on Cannabis and Vows to close cannabis stores

It looks like things are moving backwards in Italy yesterday the Italian deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini announced that he will go to war on cannabis and aims to close all cannabis shops and a day after the announcement 3 shops were shut down by police.

At a rally in Pesaro  has praised the police operation saying “ I thank the police and the judiciary because three cannabis shops are being closed in Macerata, Porto Recanati and Civitanova Marche,” he has issued a directive instructing other police chiefs in other parts of the country to repeat what happened in Macerata calling it the “Macerata’s model”

Cannabis light shop XXX Joint in italy
Cannabis light shop XXX Joint in Italy

Yesterday Salvini made the announcement “ From today, I’ll go to war on cannabis street by street, shop by shop, neighbourhood by neighbourhood city by city” calling on the government to use all legal powers to close  “these places of mass miseducation.”

Italy’s coalition government is ruled by the far right party lega and the anti-establishment party Five Star Movement and Salvini’s announcement has brought tension between the two parties.

Italy’s health minister Giulia Grillo, part of the five Star movement responded saying

“We should not give wrong information, because cannabis shops don’t sell drugs,”

Grillo is committed to prohibiting the sale of CBD products to vulnerable people such as pregnant women and children.

“I can assess only the health aspect. However, it should be stressed that the concentration of the active ingredient in those products is not such as to have narcotic effects on consumers,”

Five Star deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio abruptly said. “Enough,” in a letter sent to the press. “We are all against drugs, but now Italian citizens are tired of these threats to the government,” Di Maio said.

Salvini’s announcement come as the party gets ready to stand in the European Union elections, in a recent survey carried out by the Demoplis institute showed the Lega party are leading the polls with a 33 percent of the share followed by five star at 22 percent and Centre left democratic party at 21 percent.

The CBD Industry has soared in Italy over the last few years where the use of cannabis light is legal as long as it is not eaten or smoked, shutting down this thriving Industry would be devastating to stakeholders could we see this affect the opinion polls?


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