EthnoPharm is a key resource for products and services in the Healthcare and Nutraceutical sectors. Our e-trade marketplace offers a wide range of services that benefits operators at any stage in the supply chain.

With a focus on emerging products and technologies, EthnoPharm offers a one-stop solution for any operator in healthcare, nutraceutical, supplements, medical cannabis or food. We provide a central point through which you can access ancillary supplies, plant genetics, bulk ingredients, finished products, compliance certification or education services.

Ethnopharm enables you to connect with international suppliers and distributors, fast track quality management compliance, develop an intellectual property base, or learn more about new types of products and their application.

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B2B Healthcare and Nutraceutical Marketplace

An E-trade platform offering products, services and technologies that connects industry operators, facilitating relationships that open market access in emerging markets globally.

From plant fertilisers to vape pens, EthnoTrade offers a convenient portal for businesses to find reliable, verified operators to source from, sell to, and build market presence with.

All users on the system are verified by our service team, ensuring that the buyer or seller you are working with are a legitimate business, with the relevant licenses and certification to enable a business transaction to take place. You just need to agree payment terms!


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Compliance and Certification Portal

Compliance and certification programs that can assist you with EU-GMP Certification, Genetic Registration and Product Import Approval.

EU-GMP compliance is stumbling block for non-EU producers, our program can assist you in implementing the right systems and achieving the right level of compliance.

Genetic stability is not guaranteed, and most producers do not have stable, pest resistant genetics ideal for their environment.

Our program helps you achieve the best outcomes in genetic development and registration of your cultivars to protect your Intellectual Property.

Product import approvals can be difficult to achieve, and our program can assist producers and distributors in preparing the relevant documentation prior to applying in various countries globally.


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Education and Product Data Platform

Professional Medical Education and Medical Product resource for Healthcare professionals.

Clinicians require professional educational support to understand the application of new technologies, as well as information on available products to assist them in applying them effectively for their patients.

EthnoCare offers a central location for Healthcare professionals to access information on available products, and any data associated with their use by patients.