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Find reliable, verified operators to source from and sell to

EthnoTrade offers a convenient portal for businesses in the cannabis and hemp industry. With Ethnotrade, you can find reliable, verified operators to source from, sell to and build market presence with.

All users on the system are verified by our service team, ensuring that the buyers or sellers you are working with are a legitimate business, with the relevant production, import and distribution licenses in place.

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Once registered and verified create a storefront, list your products and start selling to businesses from around the world!

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Source Compliant products and ingredients as well as ancillary supplies such as grow equipment or business services all in one convenient place.

The easy way to trade cannabis

At Ethnotrade, we’re committed to providing you with the best platform to help you reach new audiences and find new suppliers. As well as buying and selling cannabis and related services you can use the platform to manage inventory, find out the latest Industry news, upcoming events or the latest information on the stock market.



Buy and sell, medical and recreational cannabis products, hemp products, vaporisers, cultivation equipment and related services on our marketplace.



Review sales for your latest Products or track orders on the market place dashboard. Ethnotrade makes it easy for businesses to keep track of orders and sales.



New markets, new contacts and discover the latest industry news and upcoming events you will not want to miss all within the Ethnotrade platform.

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